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Get the How to Golf App and Master Your Game

Golf App

You can download the How to Golf App and quickly master the game. When it comes to playing golf it is recommended to get the how to golf app downloaded on your iPhone and ready to use. There are several golf apps in the App Store, but the How to Golf App is the best golf app you can get when it comes to getting tips and tricks for your game.

How to Golf App

The How to Golf App provides a comprehensive guide on how to golf. The app has detailed step by step instructions covering every area of the game. Some of the topics covered in the app are golf putting, golf chipping, golf rules, beginners’ golf and several other topics. With the How to Golf App you do not need to worry about getting any other golf app to help you with your game.

How to Golf App – Easy Instructions

The last thing you want is a complicated app that keeps you going around in circles trying to find out how to use it. The How to Golf App has very simple instructions making it easy to follow. The app will show you all the key points and is a great tool you can use to master your game.

Single Figure Handicap

The guide is written in such a way so as to get you to a single figure handicap. You will need to follow the instructions carefully to get to a single figure handicap. You can download the How to Golf App for only $4.99 from the App Store. The how to golf app is the single best golf app you can download. Get the app and start using it today. With the instructions in the app, you will be playing like a pro.

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Test Post from How To Golf App

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Tips to Make the Upcoming Golf Season a Success, and Why They Matter

how to golfGolf is an activity that requires patience and practice. Anyone who has ever held a club and looked at the size of the ball understands the reality. It’s hard to place a small ball that never weighs more than 1.62 ounces into a cup-sized hole in three, four or five swings. Due to the nature of the sport, it’s important to have strategy both before and during play.

As we cross into April, golf season is about to take over. Many people around the northern hemisphere are preparing for the nice weather to break through the clouds and for the fairways to turn bright green. Below I list advice that will help people transition into the season and avoid the common frustrations of a difficult pastime.

1. Decide whether or not you want to put in the time

Golf is a sport that is usually much more rewarding the more it’s played. It’s too difficult a hobby to partake in once a year and expect to have a great round. Your first step heading into the golf season should be to decide whether or not you are going to put in the time. Do you plan on really going after it, or do you plan on playing an infrequent round or two?

The reason to mentally go through this step is to set reasonable expectations. In golf, realistic goals are imperative to have a successful season regardless of involvement. Take your time and assess where you want to go with the next few months on the course and what you want to accomplish.

2. Have the appropriate gear

Success in golf is more than partly dictated by gear. It’s the truth. More quality, well fit clubs lend themselves to lower scores. Similarly, it’s important to have the right shoes. Depending on your climate and course terrain, shoe type can very. Make sure they have studs, because any foot slippage during a swing will most likely be a one-way ticket to the sand trap. Other gear to consider:

  • gloves
  • loose, nice looking and comfortable clothing
  • bag with adequate features
  • sunglasses

As with most activities, golf requires certain gear. It’s vital that your clubs match your size and talent. Precision is the golden ticket. With insufficient gear, accuracy is immediately compromised.

 3. Find a consistent group

 As with other aspects of the game, the group you golf with can help with consistency and performance. On days when you think it might be better to skip a round, you’ll have people to push you. Additionally, golfing with the same people on a regular basis can build some serious camaraderie. It can be a lot of fun to go through an entire season with a tight group of people. If you’re considering getting a membership at a club, this commitment can also be easier if someone you know does the same.

Golf is an individual sport officially, but can be viewed as a team sport when casual players are considered. Use your buddies to push you toward success this season. It will reward your game, as well as your friendships.

 The upcoming golf season can be whatever you want it to be. Just make sure that you start determining what you want to achieve during the season. Starting now will help you acquire what you need to reach the goals you establish.

By Scott McCormick, Houston Golf

Scott McCormick’s goal for the 2013 golf season is to have fewer triple-bogeys and four-letter word outbursts than he did in 2012.  In between rounds he’ll be writing for, provider of discount golf tee times in Charlotte, Houston, Fort Worth and other cities across the U.S. and Canada. 

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Planning a Trip to The Masters

how to golfEvery summer, the golfing community descends on Augusta, Georgia for the Masters, arguably the biggest event in the sport.  If you’re one of the golf fanatics taking a trip down this year, you should keep in mind that it is better to be early than late when planning your trip.  Being proactive and getting your itinerary taken care of months in advance can guarantee that you’ll be able to get a hotel and, if you need to, rent a car from one of the car rental services in Augusta, Georgia.  After that, all you have to worry about is where to stand once you hit the links.

Taking Care of Your Travel Itinerary

When it comes to making plans to visit Augusta during the biggest weekend in golf, it’s important to remember that the early bird gets the worm.  People will be flying from all over the world to watch the event, so give yourself some peace of mind and book everything well in advance.  Your first priority should be your hotel room.  The best ones should book fast, and unless you want to be stuck in a motor inn out in Savannah, take a look at one within reasonable distance from the course.  Then, book your air travel.  Depending on how flexible you are on flight times, airline provider, and a myriad of other variables, buying early can really set your mind at ease.

Getting to the Course

There are not many options to get to the links once you get to Georgia.  Augusta does have a bus system, but keep in mind that this will be the biggest weekend of the year for bus ridership in the city.  If you were able to drive down, then you shouldn’t have a problem getting there, but if you flew in, the best thing you can do is to rent a vehicle from one of many car rental services in Augusta, Georgia.  Again, these plans should be made as early as you can make them.  You don’t want to be stuck without one for the entire stay.

Where to Go When You Get There

The best place to be when watching the event is all in the eye of the golf fan.  There isn’t a right or wrong answer to where you want to be, but if you plan on camping out at a certain hole or tee, my advice is to get there early.  Golf fans will be there before sunrise, so plan on getting very little sleep the night before if you want to be close to the ropes.  Otherwise, you’ll be resigned to looking over everyone’s shoulders for the event.  You could also be one of those people that follow a certain player for hole to hole.  That’s fine, too.  Just realize that if you choose to follow Tiger Woods, prepare to have plenty of company.

For any golf fan, watching The Masters in person is just one of those things that must be done.  If golf is your religion, Augusta is your Mecca.  Remember to treat it with as much respect.

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Sadie Mclain is an avid traveler and writer. She enjoys writing about her latest trips and excursions.

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Test Post from How to Golf App

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8 Mobile Apps for Golf Season

If you’ve already tried, then here are a couple of other great apps available…

Visualize How to Golf with Pictures

How to Golf AppContinuing with the theme of visualization you need to come up with the idea of formulating the picture of your strategy in your mind. Simply being told what you should do is not a helpful tactic you need to be able to visualize exactly what’s about to do down at any given moment and time, you will never be able to know exactly how a swing will be swung but you should at least take the time to map out your prediction on the swing. This can go a lot simpler if you simply verbalize the strategy with your friends, when you do this, the collective imaginative images will start to pour in and your strategy will become clearer – this is the true meaning of learn How to Golf.

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